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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Me Old China

It started the other day, quite innocently. You see, I had bought a new-old lamp on Bridport's street market and having cleaned it, I decided it would look good in the guest room, with my patchwork wall as a backdrop.  So far so good.

I always like spending time in this room. It's hardly ever used to be honest, but I suppose for that reason, I can keep it looking pretty perfect and wander in now and then for a little sensory pleasure when maybe everywhere else is not looking so perfect!

There was already a lamp on the dressing table, however. It's a pretty one but not as marvellous as the thrifty vintage one.  I didn't want to get rid of it, you never know when it might come in useful after all, so I decided on the old trick of stashing it in the wardrobe.

Was I distracted by the eidys on top of the cupboard?  Yes I was.  Zzzzzzzzz.

I couldn't help but notice that I'd already done a bit of stashing in the cupboard's direction.  There were four smallish cardboard boxes shoved in the corner (it's only a shallow Victorian cupboard/wardrobe thingy, occupying the alcove).  I knew they contained china and I decided to have a look.

Oh dear, what had I started?

I reasoned that I should try to sort it out and get rid of some.  I can't honestly remember the last time I opened the boxes and used any.  Good intentions, Hen.

As I unwrapped the tissue, I oohed and ahhed over the contents, treasures thriftily picked up at boot sales and zealously hoarded away.  I like that one, I thought.  That's a beauty, I cooed.  I began to put the keepers to one side over on the mantelpiece.

I also found my vintage cake forks and tea spoons.  Oh good.

On the dressing table, I piled up the items I felt I could let go of.  It wasn't a very big pile.  Oh.

I think I'm among friends here.  I know I won't need to explain to you a process whereby I was meant to be sorting through hoarded goodies and didn't end up parting with very much.  Sigh.  

The mantelpiece looked very pretty so I couldn't resist a snap (Instagram makes you do this sort of spur-of-the-moment thing).

With china on just about every surface, I was reminded by a glance at the far wall (which is my makeshift design wall), that I have to finish this quilt.  I'm tempted to add yet more to the quilt top as I love making the blocks, but I think I'll be disciplined and leave it as it is.  I'll order the batting today, as I want a really thin request weight.  I will.  I actually bought the backing in Liberty yesterday.  Progress, of sorts.

I briefly admired the patchworky wall.

And finally realised I'd better pack away and get on with something purposeful.

Nice light though, eh?!

In the background, I've finished the hexy project I've been working on.

If sunny days should ever return, I will make the most of the light and take some proper snaps to show you.

Toodle pip for now. Xxx

Friday, 15 February 2013


It's true, I am a person given to obsession.  But then you'd already spotted that?

Just a quickie to let you know that I have finally joined the 21st Century and am loving the phenomenon that is "Instragram".  Oooh, how very modern of you, Hen.  I can be found there far too often, snapping happily away with my new toy and uploading all sorts of dodgily shot pictures and adding even more dodgy filters to them.  I love it 'cos it means I can be very lazy about photos and there are lots of lovely folks on there who leave me instantaneous messages.  And, they obviously take their own crazy and beautiful shots for me to nose at.

You can find me @henpinn

Toodles, have a super weekend all.  Me and the Mr are off on a romantic jolly (while he coughs and splutters with the office lurgy.  Nice.) X

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Bright and Shiny New Year

Hello readers, and a very Happy New Year to you all, too.  It's been a while since I've been in blogland but the Munchkin has finally gone back to school today (since when did children get twenty-five days off at Christmas?) so I am able to get back to normal.  In fact, I think I need a rest, whoever decided to call Christmas a "holiday" really got it wrong in my opinion!

 (Abigail Brown birdies : Mr Blue, a Christmas pressie to yours truly from Mr HenHouse; Miss Pink, a pressie from... errm... yours truly to yours truly.)

Much as I loved how our home looked and performed over Christmas (by which I mean it was comfy and homely and everything just well, worked, you know), it was nice finally to de-Christmas which took place as soon as I set foot back in the house after our spending New Year away in the West Country.  The tree was but a shrivelled, needle-dropping, ten-foot monster.

Do you know, the sun actually shone for a while this morning?  I am fed up with these grey days we've been putting up with.  Give me cold anytime, so long as it's accompanied by blue skies and the big yellow ball in the sky.  Anyway, I hear that the big chill starts tonight so I'd better get my thermals out and those logs in!

But back to the sun, I don't know about you, but I feel a whole lot better when the weather perks up, it's as if I perk up, too.  The post was promising today, as well.  The Boden catalogue at last has gone all Spring-y with pretty colours and fabrics; pink jeans, minty green cardis and flowery blouses, all photographed against a patchwork-wallpapered wall.  Bring it on, Johnny. I'm pretending it's not Winter and in my kitchen jug this week, resides a pretty candy-coloured bouquet of stocks, daffodils and tulips.  Scrummy.

More tempting post came in the form of a pretty bulb catalogue; I first encountered this company at the Chelsea Flower Show, their stand is always filled with heavenly coloured and scented baskets of perfect hyacinths.  Ahh, a girl's gotta dream...

Much as I loved my Christmassy kitchen, I am just as happy to be back in pretty mode.

(P.S.  Have you had a look online?  It's naughty I know, but Cath has some new goodies in and the kitcheny things are oooh rather pretty.  Not as good as the real thing, of course, such as delightful 1940's goodies above, but nice eye candy and practical all the same.)

In the sitting room, my new charity-shop-bought vase (good old Bridders) is home to some really gorgeous old fashioned chrysants in the prettiest shade of lilac-pink.

Talking of flowers, in a rare restful moment over the Christmas/New Year "holiday", I sat down with a needle and thread, some divine vintage fabrics and much inspiration from a certain marvellous Julie Arkell, and finally made a fabulously floppy flower brooch just for me.

It felt good to be getting crafty once more.

I've started a new quilt, too, ooooh exciting!  How about you, reader, are you getting down and crafty in 2013?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I'm Addicted to...

Ooh golly, there is a myriad of possible responses to that title. I'll keep it simple and tell you that for now, the answer is...FELT!

In addition to the delightful 1940's felt posy Mr Sneaky-in-a-good-way HenHouse presented me with for my last birthday, there was also this cute vintage felt needlecase. 

Inside, it contained an old card of mending thread.  I love the illustrations on these old cards and have quite a little collection now (more of those another day, perhaps).

In fact, I have become quite obsessed by vintage sewing notions such I now feel I can honestly say that I collect them.  On Friday, a gorgeous addition to my collection arrived all the way from America in the form of this cute "Sunbonnet Sue" style needle book in a  divine green felt.  On Sunday, a visit to the fabulous Dairy House Antiques in Dorset yielded the pink felt needle case.  The attention to detail in the making of both delights me.

I couldn't actually use these vintage pieces of history though, oh no.  I could make myself a new version, though, couldn't I?

It felt lonely and needed some friends!

The felt frenzy didn't stop there, dear reader!  Some little fairly ordinary, but oh so useful, tape measures were transformed, too.

By now, I was quite gripped with my wish to create a whole collection of pretty and practical sewing notions.  I was going through my wartime magazines, as you know, and they contain many ideas for needle cases, knitting bags and so on.  It seems pin cushions were also "staging a comeback"!

Pin cushions it is then (sorry about the fuzzy shot, it hasn't really got light all day here).

And then what else might be useful?  What are you going to keep all your "nifty notions" in?

Last week, in the corner of my Den, I came across a couple of stockpiled vintage sewing baskets.  They looked sad and to be honest, they'd probably been there a few years, forgotten about and collecting dust, in addition to the general grimy-ness with which they originally came into my possession.

Much elbow grease and a bit of creativity later...

Inside, a surprise awaits...

And of course, I could suggest that I know just the range of nifty notions to compliment it!

All these goodies shall be accompanying me to Chipping Sodbury to the super duper Vintage and Handmade fair on Saturday and when time allows, I shall also be updating my Etsy shop next week.

Toodle pip!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Charming Chelsea Flowers

Well again, I am very behind with my blogging but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to record this year's visit to Chelsea Flower Show last month.  It's been lovely to look back over these snaps and reflect on how very lucky we were, really the only week of decent (and indeed it was glorious) weather we've had.  I was late in deciding to go because of the bad weather, so I was only able to get an evening ticket which afforded me a quick dash round the show.  Luckily, I have been a few times so I have a good idea of what I want to see though I was gutted when I watched the tv coverage to see I'd missed the gorgeous work hut created by Kaffe Fassett.  No, I didn't manage to nab some groovy transport like this to get me to the flower show, it was just the train and the special flower show bus!

In we go then, dodging the ticket touts who are always after your ticket.

The grounds of the Old Chelsea Hospital make a wonderful backdrop though I'm sure not all visitors actually realise it is there, I know I didn't for a few years.

I was decidedly underwhelmed by the large show gardens this year.  Too much hard landscaping for me and not enough pretty planting.  Any plants tended to be the obligatory green/white/purple mix.  It's always difficult to get near enough to see them, you really just have to be patient - and determined.  I looked at most of them briefly and got fed up of seeing all the City types with their champagne flutes, invited by the sponsors, posing inside the gardens and getting in the way.  I paid to see gardens not people, thank you.  Oh dear, get off your soapbox, Hen.  

Here are a few snaps of some of the passable ones, anyway, people cropped out!

I was really looking forward to seeing this garden with the retro caravan but I'm afraid I didn't really love this one, either.  I most liked the curtains.  (It took me ages to get a shot without loads of people going in and out of the caravan, of course.)  I thought a lot of the planting was very wild looking this year, not in a pretty cottage garden sense, and didn't look much different from the weedy uncultivated patch at the bottom of my garden!

Good to see  a tribute to Her Majesty in her jubilee year.

The new area of "Fresh Gardens" was a massive disappointment.  They were all so very modern, loads of hard landscaping not enough plants (again).  Is this meant to be a garden?

Let's find something better, shall we?  I've probably given you the impression Chelsea was a big disappointment this year.  It really wasn't, even just wandering round, especially on such a glorious evening, is a pleasure.  Yes, the show gardens were not my cup of tea (they might be someone else's, of course) but the floral pavillion never disappoints.

Stunning peonies...

David Austin's new rose for this year, oh golly, I adore this but how many peachy/pinky many-petalled roses does a girl need?  Hmm, maybe just one more?

The delphiniums are always statuesque and superb.

Peter Beales' Roses stand always looks just gorgeous and smells heavenly, too.

The displays were certainly impressive...

I always really love these hyacinths and marvel at their perfection, mine are always floppy (I think they put slim wires inside?)  Again, they smell amazing.

Let's not forget that Chelsea is also about shopping.  ONE DAY, I will have my dream greenhouse!

Also, these bronze boxing hares, pretty please.  Don't they look beautiful amongst those meadow flowers.  This is the sort of "wild" I do like.

I was blown away by this lady's paintings which I'd not seen before.  So much detail, so beautiful, gorgeous colours.  Ohhh, I'd like one of those too?

Very much!

There was even a smattering of scrumptious vintage to keep me happy though the prices were somewhat out of my league.

Finally, as I rushed off to catch the last show bus, I found my favourite thing of the show.

I don't need to explain why, dear reader, do I?

If you get the chance, go go go, it's an opportunity not to be missed.  You can't please everyone, can you (and I'm pretty darned choosy!)