Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tuesday Ta-Dah!

Well, life is returning to normality here, whatever that is.  On Saturday, the sitting room furniture came home from storage but it seems really funny to have the room back and full of furniture again.  Now I am not tied up with project managing builders, making endless cups of tea and cleaning up, I have more time for the pursuits which more normally make up my days: sewing, quilting and blogging, of course.  So let's not waste time and as it's a relatively nice day and I have a quilty finish to reveal, get on with the show.

Let's back peddle though, as upon realising I was not going to risk my usual garden venue for the quilty reveal now it is sheathed in leaves and windfalls, but opt for the guest room instead, I realised this redecorated room hadn't had its ta-dah moment either.  Two-for-one Tuesday!  

Sadly, this was a room we had already decorated since moving here but had to be redecorated as part of the remedial building works.  I know some of you have spotted the wallpaper, well you're about to see a lot more of it!

So there good old Mr HenHouse found himself one Saturday, paper hanging gear in hand.  We make a good team, Mr HH and I: he's the muscle, I'm the ideas.  (He may not see it this way!)

We stuck to a similar colour for the walls and let the decorators get on with the "Borrowed Light" by Farrow and Ball.  It's a little cold looking today in the Winter light but it's a pretty colour I love.  We had previously papered this one alcove and it is a measure of my trust in Mr HH that I let him put up my beloved vintage wallpaper.  Generous, eh?

I was in my natural environment, just patchworking with paper instead of fabric.

I did also paste the squares.  How's that?

Before long, he had the job superbly done and I love, love, love my patchwork wall!  I collected the wallpaper pieces from Etsy, they came from America and date mainly to the 1930s and '40s.  LOVE.  Oh, I think I said that?

For some, it was not proving to be a particularly active day.  Never a good idea to leave the duvet on the floor round here whilst you're changing the bed.

Mr HenHouse wasn't done yet.  Being tall is another of his good points and the lucky man got to arrange the eidys on top of the cupboard.  Now I know they are safe from the furry friends and I can admire them from afar.

Meanwhile, I retreated to my Den to play with bits of fabric.  Golly, what a mess my table is.  I usually think I am uber-tidy.  (We'd just come back from France and I hadn't yet sorted out my goodies.  Honest!)

It all started to look quite fetching.

The gorgeous Durham quilt over the chair came from good old Bridport street market for a bargainous £30.

I never use this dress form as sadly, she is now many sizes smaller than me (she obviously doesn't like chocolate as much as I do).  I bought the '30s satin bed jacket many many years ago back in the days when there used to be moochy house clearance shops around.  I don't think anyone in delightful Catford really saw the beauty in satin bed jackets and this was pennies.  Their loss!


The other side of the room is looking quite inviting, too.

The patchworky squares on my messy cutting table.  What of those?

Oooh golly, could I love this more?  I raided my stash of all my favourite heavier weight vintage fabrics that I have been hoarding.  Barkcloths with 1950's roses, satin-faced chintzes with pastel posies from the 1930s', Liberty-esque waffle weave florals from the '40s.  I don't usually use these that often as they are not the right weight or texture for quilts, they come into play for lampshades, cushions and bags.

And covering blanket boxes.

This one came from Bridport for about £20.  I have seen many of these Lloyd Loom-type ottomans over the years, very cheaply at boot fairs and so on.  I find them very useful and have them at the foot of most of the beds.  I haven't come across so many in recent times so I parted with my £20 cash, a bit more than I'd have liked, but didn't feel too gutted at doing so once the end result was revealed.

Did you spot the headboard on the bed in that photo up there?  This is an Ikea bed, not one I'd ever have chosen myself to be honest, but it was left here when we bought the house and barely used.  I taxed my handy man (yes, that's Mr HH) with making a wooden frame to cover that nasty black affair, set to with some foam and my staple gun, et voila.

The fabric is a gorgeous Cath Kidston linen which came from the outlet store at Bicester for a thrifty £12 per metre.  (It was £35 in the high street shops and I love it, so sad it was discontinued so soon and wishing I'd bought more...)

So there you have it, a pretty guest room.

And the quilty reveal?  Do you remember those divine 1930's floral French and German fabrics from a few weeks back?  They've worked into a delightful quilt.  I patchworked this "free and easy", just picking up random squares, sewing two together, then pairs together and so on.  I wasn't going to make it this big but it kept growing!

Sewing with used vintage fabrics gives you a gorgeous soft and snuggly quilt.  Some are cotton, some are flannel, a bit tricky to piece together as the flannel is quite loose weave but actually, it went together really well.

It's backed with yet another old candy striped flannelette sheet and bound with a pastel polka dotted white cotton.  Another for the stockpile; mine that is!

Thank you for reading through today's ta-dahs, well done, now reward yourself with a cup of tea and a nice slab of cake, preferably from under a snuggly quilt in a pretty pretty room.


  1. Just lovely Hen, what a beautiful guest room you have. Very envious of any guest getting to stay in there!!! Can't wait for the kitchen reveal?!!!

    Love both the patchwork wall and material.


  2. What a wonderful quilt you have put together. I can just imagine how snuggly it is. The new guest room looks splendid as well. How lovely all the eiderdowns look stacked together. Congratulations to you both. Philippa xx

  3. What a gorgeous room, particularly that wallpaper wall and the headboad! The only trouble is your guests will never leave.

  4. I'm glad I found you blog, I am inspired by your quilting, and I love the room!


  5. Patchwork wallpaper wall envy-tastic! Golly it looks so brilliant Hen!
    Yes, Selvedge was way too good wasn't it? I loved it, wish I'd spotted you! It was mighty busy though,
    sending you Lane Love,
    Sarah -x-

  6. Oh! That patchwork wall is to die for!!! – absolutely gorgeous – I love it. Altogether, a beautiful room and especially love the special touches like the quilts and satin bed jacket over the nightdress … too much to mention … am drooling …

  7. Just love the patchwork wall ... and the bedroom ... perfect!

    Claire xx

  8. Your patchwork wall is beautiful!

  9. Oh my that room looks gorgeous. Your eiderdown collection is out of this world. I always chuckle when I see the word eiderdown - when I used to work for the Post Office I used to pay out pensions when the books existed (now it is all put striaght into banks) one of the dear ladies was called Mrs Ida Down, and that is no joke!

    Please may I take the opportunity of introducing you to my new blog?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. Hello Hen, everything is fantastic in your "new" hause. My personal favorit is the patchwork wall. What a good idea. Your quilts are so inspireing, love them all. Gongratulation for husband's work.

  11. That guest room looks just gorgeous. Love, Love, Love the patchwork wall! Lizzie x

  12. Wow Helen, the room looks fabulous! Love the patchwork wall and it co-ordinates beautifully with the paint colour! You made a fab job of the headboard and the blanket box too!
    Thank you for popping by with your kind words, it's lovely to be back!
    Rachel x

  13. The patchwork wall is amazing I totally love it.
    Kindest Regards

  14. Oh my goodness. I think I've just died and gone to heaven. Your guest room looks absolutely wonderful.

    I love the idea of patchwork wallpaper. Your eiderdowns are just heavenly. Everything is just so lovely ....swoon :)

  15. I simply adore the patchwork wallpaper wall.. and your husband is an absolute doll! What lucky guests when they stay with you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. Dear Hen, I am sure that I am echoing the sentiments of everyone when I say, "Please, please may we come to stay"!

  17. Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how much room envy I have!! I LOVE that spare room!!! It's gorgeous - well done u and Mr HH!! Loving the quilt too - but that room is something else - LUSH just doesn't cover it!! J9 x

  18. It all looks most inviting! Love the patchwork wall & everything else too.
    Just be careful of spidies in the eidies up there!

  19. wallpaper , patchwork and cake...my three favouritest things all in one blog...

  20. Oh my, how beautiful is that patchwork wall- what a lovely idea, I have a white room in my new home and am contemplating putting some wallpaper on the main wall over the bed, however I am afraid to go with one colour palette as I do not want to tie the colour scheme down too much :) Love this idea. You really have great style

    All things nice...

  21. All looking good......do you lend Mr H out? I've a bedroom that needs a paper patchwork wall!!! :)

  22. It all looks beautiful - goes together so well. Particularly in love with the patchwork wall!
    Hope that handyman got a nice cup of tea and slab of cake for all his hardwork!!

  23. Hello,

    Thank you SO MUCH for such a great blog! You really made my day and as for the patchwork wall - well I'm truly in awe! such a brilliant idea and well executed by Mr. HH. Well done to you both and thank you again, so nice to read your blog after a trying day at the office!

  24. Your vintage wallpaper wall is to die for.

  25. Oh how gorgeous, such a pretty bedroom. X

  26. hello building work bud!
    So glad you are able to return to yourself!
    I have been whitewashing our new room this week, it's far from finished, but the potential for grateness is there.
    What an inspirational post!

  27. I'm slack-jawed in admiration- that wall is particularly fabulous. Sterling work by Mr H. and even more sterling work by you with the sewing machine and staple gun.You must be so relieved to have the house back to normal at long last - you have worked wonders.x

  28. Its absolutely stunning! Love everything.

  29. Something I have always wanted to do...so glad you did...these images are stunning...smiles..Renee

  30. It's all beautiful - so many clever ideas using thrifty things and so much inspiration. your quilts are amazing. Betty

  31. You have excelled yourself here Hen - I love how your quilt match your wallpaper. A delightful mixture of very pretty pastels - are you renting that room out?
    Best wishes

  32. Morning Hen, what a beautiful room to wake up in, the patchwork wall is an inspiration, not something I would ever have thought of. Gold star there girl.

    The vintage quilts, a memory to behold, I have.....well I have a few......;0). Love the way you've displayed them. Everything is wonderful.

    The quilt you've made is perfect and looks so vintage, just beautiful, thank you for turning a miserable, damp November morning into a vintage delight :0).

    Peg xx

  33. I would never have thought about a patchwork wall in a GAZZILLON years! IMMENSE!

  34. Absolutely fabulous! You have inspired me to do something creative with my vintage wallpapers. Love your blanket box and quilt - you are so talented! Nice to see the cats enjoy taking part in the proceedings (they hate to be left out of anything, don't they?) Clare x

  35. Adore the patchwork wallpaper, what time a dedication that must have taken and well worth it too!

    S x

  36. I love everything about everything you have shared with us on, especially the patchwork wallpaper. Well done you.

    Might have to nick the idea of the patchwork topped Ottoman.

  37. What a beautiful room you have created. love your dressing table!

  38. I have always wanted to create a patchwork wall! Now I'm tempted to do it! I'm not a wallpaper hanging sort, so I'll have to figure out how to do it...Although my husband is from England, he's not as handy as yours!

  39. Two beautiful ta'dahs! I am so envious of your beautiful eye for colour, the guest room is just stunning.

  40. Wow!!! It's absolutely beautiful!! You must be so proud, it's so satisfying doing projects isn't it!!! Xx

  41. See I did come back!
    Do you except paying guests, I'd def pay to sleep in that room!
    Gorgeous again xx

  42. That room is absolutely stunning, it's impossible to pick a favourite piece. I love the wallpaper, what an amazing feature.

    Farrow & Ball colours are so pretty. My poor dad is a decorator and always worries when I ask for the paint chart. Favourite shade is cinder rose which is currently in M's room but it's about to be ripped off the wall as the builder comes next week :o(

    Your quilt looks very appealing and snuggly, especially with the weather we have going on outside right now. I'm not surprised you're keeping it, your creations are so pretty I'm amazed you ever part with anything! :o)

  43. Oh woooow the wall is so pretty. Catherine x

  44. Wow I am very happy to find you indeed! Please can I stay in your guest room? It is absolutely beautiful.. I am a big patchwork fan and even add it to the walls and doors of my caravans (vintage)Look forward to scrolling through all your posts.
    Sharon xx

  45. Love the patchwork wall, Hen! Your room looks so stylish. I loved seeing your patchwork in this post too. The quilt looks beautiful in those soft shades.
    (Btw...yes it WAS very crowded at the CL Fair wasn't it??)
    Helen x

  46. Ohhhhh could Me and Poppy move in? She would look pretty stylish on your lovely quilts. What a wonderful bedroom, just perfect.

    Have a great weekend.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  47. Your guest room is fabulous, I love everything, from the patchwork wall to the gorgeous ceiling light.

  48. What a fabulous patchwork wall and beautiful patchwork quilt, it does look so soft.
    No, quilts mustn't be left or furry beings soon come running.
    Carol xx

  49. Your patchwork wall is gorgeous! Love your beautiful quilt, too! xo Heather

  50. Just plain and simply BEAUTIFUL!! I love the light fitting too!! You are so talented! xx

  51. I love you patchwork wallpaper and what a stash you have, love the vintage eidy's and you patchwork covered blanket box :)
    Love you blog.

  52. SWOONING over that wall (and waiting impatiently for my invitation to stay in the gorgeous guest room!) Looking forward to further reveals too!
    Jo x

  53. how cozy! wanted to see live

  54. how cozy! wanted to see live

  55. I adore that patchwork wall, so unique!

  56. Utterly wonderful! I admire not just your inspiring and creative ideas, but the fact that you manage to put it all into practice. Have you a special wand you wave that just makes things happen?

  57. Dear Hen, please can I come and live in your spare room? How fabulous, what a great job you've made of it. LOVE that wall! Papers very carefully chosen obviously for their cool greyed effects. And How weird it was to see Mr H in something other than his usual dapper vintage clobber!

    Loving the patchwork quilt also, you certainly get down to it, don't you, I am put to shame, and really must get going on some textiley stuff `i've got mounting up. Lovely post, fabby pictures!


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