Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Fabby Gift Shop...Sit Down!

Well folks, here we are, it's gift shop day. Ready to go shopping? Come on then...

So, we're in Pickering, which is a very charming town in North Yorkshire. Here's our shop, right in the middle of the main street, and as you can see, it's called Reeds.

Now you would be forgiven for thinking this shop does not look obviously gifty. That's because it's a newsagent on the ground floor (with a fine selection of crafty mags including a rather good American crochet number which popped into my proverbial basket) and there was a wonderful selection of cards, too. I'm a bit of a card freak and I know quite a few of you out there who are too (hello sister, hello Louise!) and I bought a fab selection of cards. Trouble is, they're the sort of cards you don't want to give away. Oh dear.

But you might just have noticed that the left hand side of the window is looking quite gifty, there's a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster and a fine selection of Emma Bridgewater's Union Jack ware.

In we go, this is looking promising even as we walk upstairs. Walk? Ok, I mean run (I mean jog, in a very unfit manner)...

It seems a stray evacuee has found himself inside! Quite understandably, he doesn't know where to look first...

Here's a shot looking into the middle of the shop, which occupies a good sized room up on the first floor and seems all the more attractive for that. Don't forget you can click on the photos to enlarge them and ogle a bit more closely!

As you can see, there's a bed in the middle of the room decked out in Greengate's finest and all about are pretty pieces of painted vintage furniture.

There's a lovely blue dresser dedicated to the current craze, Union Jacks...

Loving this vintage kitchen cupboard. I treated myself to the pretty blue painted glass on the right hand side of the middle shelf.

Moving on, just look at this, Vanessa! It took me a while to realise this is same lovely range of Gabriella Miller pottery as the mug you gave me. I was thrilled when I worked that one out (on about my third visit to the shop!) There are some pretty Bridgewater floral mugs too, for good measure.

Ooooh, loving this image. I started hyperventilating when I walked into the shop as this little display was right opposite me. Jan Constantine cushions, granny blanket...what's not to love!

I'm still just about breathing so I venture to the other side of the room... I like the pretty cushions and the woollen hearts in particular.

Here's a little print-works style corner. Liking very much those wire baskets, have to be very restrained not to buy those...

Aaarrgghh, knitted loveliness. This little display has finally inspired me to start on the round crocheted cushion, I think I am the last person in the crochet community to get onto this project. Better late than never?

A little teatime inspired corner. Check out the vintage patchwork tea cosy...

Pretty hot water bottles, essential for keeping out the Winter chill, vintage style.

Ribbons galore. Quite a few of these made it into my basket, I must say.

Some Liberty loveliness in the form of dinky cosmetic bags nestles behind the ribbons.

Lovely soaps and bottles to pretty up your bathroom...

There's that Greengate bed again. I think I might need a lie down to recover!

We need to see that pretty cushion in more detail, don't we?

Cute brooches. Some of the items in the shop are made by the owner (and her sister, I think) and some are made by clever local craftspeople.

Oh, is that it? I was very much enjoying my little trip down memory lane, there. Take me back to Pickering, now!

When we first wandered into Reeds and the upstairs gifty zone, it was late on Saturday and if you can believe it, the shop looked even better. That is because it had been transformed for the day (in honour of the "War on the Line" weekend) into a vintage style tearoom. Oh my, I've never seen anything so lovely! It is just how I would have a tearoom, were I to have one. Set up around the room, there were little metal tables and folding chairs, a gorgeous set of 4 green Lloyd Loom chairs with pretty vintage fabric cushions on the seats, a long trestle table with chairs along either side in the middle of the room where the bed normally is, and all were decked out in the most lovely vintage embroidered tablecloths, little posies of flowers on the tables and a dresser laden with pretty vintage china on which to serve tea and cakes. Now the bad news, and the reason why I'm doing my best to describe this fully, is that the tearoom/shop was just closing and I thought I would go back and ask to take some photos the next day. So, Sunday morning, the boys and I made Reeds our first port of call and...shock, horror...the lovely tearoom was all gone. No photos! So, trust me, it was wonderful and I am going to have to go to the War on the Line weekend next year just to see and capture the vintage tearoom again!

Now the best bit my dear friends, if you've been sitting there, breathless, longing over the goodies, spotting something you just have to make your own, is that the marvellous Reeds gifty shop has a website, oh yes indeedy! The gift shop, as I have been referring to it, actually has the name "Made and Found" and if you fancy a virtual shop, off you go here. Just don't blame me when the credit card bill comes in!

EDIT: My dear bloggers, I have been kindly tipped off that Anne, the owner of the fabby gift shop, has a blog and you can see the vintage tearoom there. But trust me, it was better in real life...


  1. Oh. My.
    Surely that tea cosy is straight out of Milly Molly Mandy?

  2. Hi Hen
    I'm well thanks and enjoying the virtual tour around that shop.
    North Yorkshire is growing on me by the minute! What a fabulous shop, I love the way they have displayed everything. It has a nice feel to it, cosy and homely. I've just tried to buy the plastic woven picnic basket but sadly sold out!
    What a pity about the tearoom, as you though good excuse to have to go back again next year!
    Isabelle x

  3. ooohhh...Hen...what a lovely visit you did you bring yourself to leave...when I go into shops like this I get all giddy.....
    I love the vintage dresser and the tea cosy...Lucy...I think it IS the MMM cosy...I love that tale so much!

    Thank you Hen...:>))

  4. Hi Hen, what a great shop!
    There are a couple of pics of the tearoom on the owners blog
    It does indeed look lovely x

  5. Definitely going to have to go! Thank you for the virtual tour.
    I thought it was just me who was a card freak! I have cards I have never used because I cannot bring myself to send them to friends and relatives, sometimes I have even been known to buy two cards the same, one for me and one for the recipient!

  6. I have some hexagons I was going to make a cushion out of but perhaps I should make a teacozy...Hmmm.....

  7. It looks just perfect Hen. I love your shopping trips undertaken in the interest of helping us bloggers out! Thank you x

  8. Oh wow, oh wow. I love that area of N. Yorks we have family in York and I love jaunts out that way. I'll be sure to visit and send you the bill when I've bought the entire shop!

  9. Thank yo for that wonderful tour, what a lovely time you had, lots of good memories there.

  10. What a wonderful little shop! I saw several lovely things in your pictures that made me wish I could shop there as well... and then you posted the link! My dear husband might be less than thrilled, but there are a few items that will be making their way to me very soon.

  11. If Pickering wasn't so far,I'd be in the car and up the motorway to that GORGEOUS shop.What a shame the tea shop was shut...that's always happening to me!I don't DARE go on that website!!


  12. Oh my I was ready to jump on a plane and head on over! What a great find and how much fun you must have had.

  13. If I had been to that lovely shop, I think I would have conveniently forgotten to leave at closing time ( plenty of hiding places ), spent hours fondling all the lovely pretties and then snuggled down on that bed for a well earned rest ........ Hmm, think that might have gotten me into trouble? Sigh, I could happily live in that beautiful shop.

  14. ooooooooooooo I am almost tempted to get in the car and drive 2 hours north just to visit that lovely shop :-)
    I spotted a few things that I have myself but could quite cheerfully put a huge dent in Hubbys bank account if let lose in there :-)
    (by the way I still only have completed half my round crochet cushion so if you get a move on I will the last person to do it rather than yourself ;-))
    hugs, Lx

  15. oh forgot to say.... How fab are those cards they are seriously lovely and I am glad I am not the only one who buys cards then struggles to give them away :-)
    but the important question is what was the wrapping paper selection like ;-)

  16. Oh fantastic! I've been to Reeds! The gift shop is wonderful isn't it? Hugo doesn't like the gift shop at all! I love it, and on the couple of occasions I've been in there I've had to be terribly strict with myself on the spending. Gosh Hen, I've just been enjoying all your adventures! That tea room in Whitby, we went in there, love the styling, but both our cakes were stale. Gosh your holiday brings back good memories. I'm a sucker for buying cards and then not using them, I have a box full of my 'precious' cards. I should be working, but your photos are very distracting!!!!! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  17. Ohooo a lovely shop I have to say :) Is a little like Parma Violet a shop I love to shop in, when I am in the area. I adore greengate and feel a little spend coming on ;)

    Thank you for sharing your lovely visit :)


  18. Thanks for the tour Hen! What a gorgeous shop! Love it all, I bet you were in there for ages! I'm off to check out the link
    Rachel x

  19. OH WOW! What a wonderful gift shop Hen! I would like to live there, do you think they would allow overnight guests?! lol

    Now I really want to go check out that website... But I will be in so much trouble with Chris when the credit card bill comes in :-S

    Have a fabulous week :-)

    Rose XXX

  20. Wow, how fantastic Hen - Well worth waiting for!!!

    I feel a visit to made & found coming on, possibly tonight!

    Thanks for all the loveliness...

    Natasha xx

  21. Lots of lovely things to see. I must go back and click on the photos for a closer look after I have visited the shop!!! x

  22. Wow, what a gorgeous shop ! I was drooling over all the lovely things when I enlarged the photos and then saw your link to the shop. I have bookmarked it as a favourite to go back to as there were a couple of things I really like that are currently out of stock. Thanks for the link.
    Ann x

  23. Looks like a lovely many wonderful things. Must check out the web link

  24. I have a feeling I am going to spot a lot of bloggers in Pickering over the next few months!
    Carol xx

  25. Oh my...My heart just leapt to my throat when you showed the first pic of the shop! Oh that bed! The woolen hearts! The pink! The minty blue!

    Needless to say I was squealing with delight over all the wonderful goodies to be had! ahhh... my day has been made.

  26. I would have been hyperventilating too Hen, what a great shop. xxx Pixie xxx

  27. What a lovely shop!!!
    I would have caused myself an injury not knowing where to look first!

    If I had a shop I would want it to look just like that!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  28. Wowzers trousers Hen!
    What a brilliant find Reeds was! So much lovely treasure! I loved all the painted furniture that displayed all the goodies. The tea-room sounds amazing too, I will go and check it out right away!

    Sarah x

  29. oo yes!! very lovely!!

    I know what you mean about pretty cards, i often scan them so i can keep the pic for myself and then send the card. xx

  30. Oh my word, what a wonderful shop. I would have been squealing with pleasure. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  31. I'm a little too far away in Australia but I need that shop , how beautiful !

  32. Hello Hen, I have nominated you for an award (please visit my blog to find out more). I would like to say that you should not feel obligated in anyway to participate in this if you do not wish to but I was surprised to be sent this award so I thought I would like to let the bloggers whose work I love know that they are appreciated :)

  33. and breathe!!!!! WOW.... I was getting faster & faster!! What fantastic goodies, right I'm off to look at the web site :)

  34. That is the most wonderful shop! And to think we were on the A1 last weekend, and might have been right past it (well, almost!). It looks like the sort of shop where you either come out with a trailer load, or nothing at all because you can't decide!

    Pomona x

  35. Lovely, lovely, lovely, thank you. x

  36. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the ribbons! I'm always looking for pretty ribbons for my teddy bears that I make, but alas I think a 5 hour journey may be a little too far to travel :(

    Lovely blog by the way.


  37. I don't suppose you've come across anywhere in Somerset that sells ribbons like that? I'm always looking, but haven't had much luck recently. Please pop over to my blog and let me know if you have.

    thanks x

  38. Oh, oh, oh...I am overcome! what a wonderful shop! I want to to the website NOW!

  39. Hi Hen,
    What a gorgeous shop - thanks for sharing the link. Really like the patchwork tea cosy.

    You'll forgive me if I don't wear the floaty nighty to the V&H, won't you? ;-))

    Niki x

  40. Mmmmmm I think this is what Heaven must be like ;)

    Mel xxx


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