Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sayonara, Adieu, Que Sera...

...and all those little words of which I have only a vague idea of  their meaning (you'd never guess I liked languages at school). Still, not as funny as the Munchkin who yesterday explained to me that "romantic" is when mummies and daddies go off to have quiet time together! Still haven't stopped laughing at that one. As my mum said, the innocence of youth, hey?

Well, the words are meant to be a sort of fatalistic "farewell" for a few days because I'm just packing away all my things today to head westwards for the Vintage and Handmade Fair. If by some remote possibility you are not aware of this marvellous event, please see my sidebar and come along if you're in the neighbourhood (if you hitherto were not expecting to, I suggest now is the perfect time to pester your other half for a "romantic" weekend away!) Now we do have a big estate car but I am concerned at the mounting pile outside the door to my den and in my den too. I set foot in Poundstretchers today to buy some plastic storage boxes (golly, can't imagine buying anything else from there!) and am stashing all my handmade goodies away lovingly inside them.  I feel like I'm moving house.  (Yes, slightly exaggerated, I know!)

They really are just the tip of the iceberg; there's still my pink padded frame, its new easel (thank you, Mr HenHouse for that) and the Lloyd Loom crib, of course.  Oh and the camping shelves.

I've been making some new goodies this week to take with me.  I've been collecting pretty vintage teacups for a while and so once I had a reasonable amount, I loaded them up and off I went into the kitchen.  Golly, this is much more fun than I remember any of my chemistry lessons being!

I'm thrilled with the results and in the interests of quality control, I had a "romantic" evening (snigger)  with one last night...

I've found some pretty boxes to package them in...  

I decided against embarking on any major projects today but have had fun "faffing".  Taking my cue from Cath in her fabby book "In Print", I dug out my matchbox collection (no, we are not talking tin cars) and set to with my scraps basket.  Why have a pretty candle and not have a pretty matchbox to go with it?

I had to give some thought to how I was going to titivate my table.  Yesterday, I made some bunting based on the "Happy Birthday" bunting in Alicia Paulson's "Stitched in Time".  Today, I went off in search of either a hot pink tablecloth or hot pink fabric to make a tablecloth. Instead, I plumped for a couple of pretty throws, spotty ones no less.  The Munchkin (my half-term shopping companion) and I reasoned we could cuddle up with them in the tipi thereafter.

Not a brilliant photo (golly, it's miserable outside today isn't it?) but yes, I like that, I do.  No one should have trouble spotting me at the Fair anyway!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  The weather forecast down South is GOOD and I hope it is everywhere else, too!  If you are coming to the Fair (and I know some of you are, yippee), please do say hello, it's always nice to put a face to a name.  Now I must go and make brownies because just in case you haven't been tempted enough, there are also going to be lovely teas and cakes at the Fair and I can tell you, I make a mean brownie (and Jayne's tiffin is fab!)

Hen x

Edit: Oh dear, one glass of wine too many tonight.  I somehow managed to "reject" a lot of comments which I obviously didn't mean to do.  I've tried to get them back but it seems I can't.  My heartfelt apologies to those of you who so kindly took the time to comment; I loved reading your comments and thank you so much for your many good wishes.  As a little aside, I am planning a giveaway after the weekend, I know, it's about time!  See you all then...


  1. Best of luck, the weather should be good. I looked at where the fair is and it is just too far from Brighton to make the trip. Loe your tablecloth, very professional. Gret idea.

  2. What lovely goodies you are taking with you x have fun x

  3. Goodness me Hen, you have been so busy. You are so clever with your ideas; those matchboxes are too cute. Wish I could be there, have a great time and goodluck with coming back with empty boxes!

  4. Looks like you are ready for success! I love your work and am sure you will arrive home much, much lighter. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  5. Looking forward to seeing your wares in the flesh!!! Lucky I got a bonus from work this month so I plan to treat myself!
    yummy I love brownies, chocolate ones of course..LOL!!
    We should be there at opening time on Saturday unless we get lost, I'm coming up with Julie from Julie's little joys. Don't worry we'll track you down. :)

  6. Can't wait to come. We're on our way to Cornwall that day and I think hubby is hoping I won't buy much as there won't be much room in the car - ha ha (I can always find room!)

  7. GOOD LUCK at the V&H Fair!
    I would have liked to have gone but I don't think I'm going to be able to.
    Julie xx

  8. Oh, it's going to be wonderful. I am just in the wrong country. Such a pity for me, but have a great, and successful, time yourself!

  9. wow, you have some fab goodies to sell!

    Rose XXX

  10. You certainly are multi-talented Hen. The candles look fab with their boxes and fabric covered matchboxes. I hope that you do very well at the fair.x

  11. You really couldn't believe how much I would like to hop on a plane to England right now! Best of luck to you; your wares are just gorgeous!

  12. How I would love to pop along to the Fair!
    Hope all goes well and you have a wonderful time and sell loads of your scrummy goodies.
    Your cups and matchboxes look great together.
    Safe journey.
    Lisa x

  13. so looking forward to seeing you and your goodies. Roll on Saturday x

  14. Wishing you the best of luck at the fair! I'm sure you'll have one of the best displays there - absolutely love your little teacup candles - used to make my own when I was young but using the teacups is a fantastic idea - Looking forward to hearing all about your adventure. Enjoy!

  15. Looking forward to seeing you at the Fair.
    Lesley XX

  16. Hi Hen
    You are all set for success!Everyone will want some of your beautiful wares.Wish I could come and have a cuppa and brownie with you.I'd also buy one of everything.Enjoy yourself.
    Take care from Linda in Aussie

  17. Hi Hen!
    My, haven't you been a busy girl? It's all so wonderful looking, and I know that you and your goodies will be a huge hit at the fair..& so well deserved.
    The teacup candles are always popular and yours look delightful.
    All the best and I can't wait to catch up with your news afterwards!
    xo, Kali

  18. OOO! Good Luck, have a wonderful time, I wish I could be there. I shall look forward to the photos hint, hint!

    Love Fi x

  19. ooo i predict a sell-out - i LOVE the tablecover - the munchkin has good taste :-)
    hope it goes really really well :-D
    Lesley x

  20. I heard about the fair that was in November and I tell you what...if California wasn't so far away..I'd be there in a hot second! Sounds like a blast and best of luck. Your items are adorable!!


  21. Hi Hen, look forward to seeing you at the fair. Kathyx PS Fancy a trip to John Lewis/Ikea afterwards?

  22. Best of luck at the Fair Hen. I hope you sell out!

  23. I love everything you make! The little candle tea cups are wonderful! Wish I was close to come! I know you will have fun!

  24. Those candles are lovely - and what a great idea to have the matchbox to go with them! I am coming down to the Fair - and am getting more and more excited about it.

  25. Dear Hen
    Have I wished you luck for Saturday? All your goodies look marvelous and most desirable. Here's wishing you a very successful day, much fun and lots of visitors with purses! I shall be at a family celebration so I can't be at the fair, but will be sending lots of good vibes!
    Denise x

  26. Hello! You have a beautiful blog and so cute cats!;)

  27. Lovely things...can't wait but I'm still faffing now!. See you tomorrow.

  28. Hope you have a good day and return with lots of empty pink boxes!! love H

  29. Hi Hen,

    Hope the fair is going well :-D

    Just to let you know, I have nominated you for an award on my blog :-)

    Rose XXX

  30. Hi Hen

    Hope that the fair went well for you!

    There is an award on my blog for you.

    Hannah x

  31. Brilliant! So enjoyed seeing your stand and I'm really pleased with my new brooch. Hope the day went well for you.

  32. Good morning Hen!!!
    I'm so impatient for reading your adventure at the fair! I hope that you had a great day and sales went well! Next time could you please put in a webcam for overseas bloggers??? We would appreciate it very much!!! Enjoy a relaxing Sunday!



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