Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Final Round-Up

Well, what a busy few weeks it has been.  Of course, the Munchkin finished school for the Easter holidays on Friday so amongst all the other things needing to be done, child entertainment has been high on the list.  Tuesday found us here...

It was a great day out (if very tiring, there's a lot of ground to cover).  The Munchkin really enjoyed the new "Animal Adventure" zone, which he tells me was "designed by children for children" with lots of interactive fun.  His absolute favourite thing was the meerkat enclosure.  The children could crawl through little tunnels until they popped up in this little perspex "bubble" right in the middle of the meerkat enclosure.  The meerkats scampered right up to the bubble.

There were beautiful flamingoes...

There were some lovely llamas...

Hen's favourite was this cute little red panda.  Oooh, how I would have loved to bring him home for a cuddle!

Or maybe the tigers were my favourite?

I am in two minds about zoos really.  A part of me really enjoys seeing the animals but another part of me thinks it's a bit of an unnatural environment.  There's no doubt it is a wonderful experience for children, clear unmasked delight on their faces when they see the animals for real rather than just in books.  The Munchkin is now having a severe love affair with meerkats and has spent an hour or so this afternoon enjoying "Meerkat Manor" on the 'net.

Meanwhile, I've been doing some sewing in preparation for our hols; perhaps I'll be one of the best dressed women in the Caribbean?!  In addition to my little dress, I've made a few skirts with some lovely "Good Folks" fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner which whizzed its way from America just in time.

My usual "makes", particularly in preparation for the Vintage & Handmade Fair (looming closer by the day), are in varying states.  Some finished...

Some not so finished!

One major job for our last day at home tomorrow is to sort out which craft materials to take with me.  I have to have something to occupy my hands, other than holding the rum punch, that is!  I did pick up some rather nice Rowan cashmerino yarn in Liberty in really delicious colours so I think that'll be making it into the luggage.  I'm getting quite a stash to choose from (this is but part of it!)

Before I forget, I have been meaning to ask whether anyone knows if I can take my crochet hook on the plane (in the cabin, I mean)?  Our current thinking is probably not.  Hmm, not chuffed about that!

What else have I to tell you, oh yes, I must show you my recent vintage finds.  These have accrued over a few weeks; some from the West Country, some from nearer to London.  There's a mixture of gorgeous textiles, pretty china and glassware, fabulous books...

Really really loving the cover of this book...

So, onto more child entertainment today, with an Easter theme.  I'm sure this sort of thing is going on in many households up and down the country, even across the world.

Stir the chocolate and syrup.  Very excited about that, oh yes indeedy.

Mix in the rice crispies...

Put the mixture into the cases.  It's a serious job this...

Leave the faffy, pretty decorating bit to mummy!

The Munchkin took part in the traditional Easter bonnet parade at school on his last day before the holidays.  Mummy had the idea of re-using the hat made two years ago in Reception class. Silly mummy!  Not only has the Munchkin's head grown significantly but the drawings are apparently "soooo babyish" now. Well, I like them (oops)...

The mantelpiece has been sporting some Easter decorations for a few weeks now.  In fact, they are not really looking their best as yesterday, there was the inevitable child/decoration accident/incident which saw the whole lot on the floor (which Jacky-Ginge then proceeded to make a den in).  The choccy egg supply has severely dwindled.  Hasn't it, Mr HenHouse?

Today, the Munchkin and I have enjoyed setting up our final Easter display which we shall enjoy tomorrow amidst the usual last minute holiday packing chaos!  I was surprised to find so many lovely flowers in the garden.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, whether at home or away, and I look forward to catching up with you all when I get back.  See you at the end of April.

Hen x


  1. what a gorgeous easter table. Idont seem to have had time to do mine, maybe about saturday!. i am currently taking over a wool shop in frome , somerset (call on your way one day, after easter) we are busy buying lovely yarn and stuff.!
    see are new blog i think you will enjoy!

  2. I just love your blog! those skirts you have made for your holiday caught my eye. It is nice to see such special fabric made into a nice simple style. Is that an A-Line pattern you have used?I wear those types of skirts all summer(if we get one). I look forward to meeting you at the fair. Martha

  3. Have a lovley holiday Hen. Hope you get some vintage finds abroad. xxx

  4. Have a good holiday - wish I could ome too.........

  5. Oh we better be able to bring crochet hooks on the plane!! Since we are going to Scotland in August without small small children, I already have projects lined up.

  6. Lovely Eastery post. I must get some of the crispy chocolate cakes made. I bet you haven't got many left! Have a wonderful holiday. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back with a few pictures of Jacky-Ginge slotted in too!!!

  7. Honesty is the best policy where your hooks are concerned. Either ring the airline before you leave, or pop it into your bag and just declare it at the check in desk when asked if you have anything in your luggage? The worse that can happen is they will confiscate it. Coming home from Portugal last year I packed my scissors in my hand luggage without thinking. They were picked up on the xray and the larger pair were taken off me, but I was allowed to keep the smaller pair. Not sure why, scissors are scissors after all. Personally, I would ring the airline and not the airport because they all seem to have different policies. Dev X

  8. I agree with your munchkin, the red panda's are my favourite too, they are adorable!!
    Gorgeous colours in the skirts you have made for hols, do you always stay in the same place Hen?
    Have a wonderful holiday, looking forward to hearing all about it!
    Claire xx

  9. Wow! You have given us so much to love today. Like you, the zoo is delightful, but not. But, this is how I look at it. I want my children to care about these animals so they will care about them sticking around on this here planet. From what I understand, most of these animals had physical problems or were born in captivity and can not survive in the wild but they can do so much in educating us. I was able to take a sweater with bamboo circular needles overseas last year, but just read of someone who had her plastic crochet hook taken away. Check the national transportation website for current restrictions. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  10. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday.
    Take care

  11. Hi hen
    I love the vintage sugar pot thingys! Is that what they are, could you take a plastic hook? We went to stay with friends who gave us a silver letter opener just before we left not thinking I put it in my bag, at the airport they said you have a knife in your bag, no I gasped and they still let me take it!
    have a lovely holiday, felicity x x

  12. What a great round-up of your news and photos! I've been wondering the same about the crochet hooks - I don't crochet yet but I realised I was never going to get my patchwork onto the plane to Edinburgh, so I tried to think of alternatives. My best bet for getting past the checking zone is a tatting shuttle. Surely they wouldn't ban that? I may try it on my way home tomorrow, even though I've probably forgotten how to tat! Have a FANTASTIC holiday.

  13. All your gorgeous pictures have totally made my day. Have a wonderful holiday and yes you will absolutely be the most stylish woman there ;)

  14. Your displays are beautiful! It sounds like you and your son have been having a lovely time. I know my girls would have LOVED the zoo.

    Have a great holiday xxx

  15. Happy Easter! Have a grand holiday, and return all relaxed, yet full of creative new ideas.


  16. Hi Hen, I think my son will be having Meerkat bubble envy if I showed him your munchkin so close to them! Happy Easter to you and yours, Kathryn.

  17. I forgot how sunny it was in London on tuesday, I'm the same about zoo's I love going but feel bad. My favourite has to be the tigers but I do have a thing for red pandas! OH loves meerkats, most be a boy thing!
    Loving the skirts, very pretty, can't wait to start making mine. I haven't worn one in years because I can never find one I like.
    Cakes look good btw. Hope you have a great holiday. Look forward to hearing all about it on your return :) x

  18. The meerkat tunnel is a fantastic idea but the flamingos are my favourites! I have only recently began to enjoy going to the zoo/wildlife park type places again in the last few years. Living in and around Paignton and having Paignton zoo on the doorstep!
    I would imagine that you cannot take your crochet hook on the plane but maybe they would allow a plastic one???
    Enjoy the cakes, they look so yummy and hope that you have a fantasic holibob! x

  19. I haven't been to London Zoo since I was a child!
    You'll be able to put the crochet hook into the hold, but not your hand luggage. Same for scissors, tweezers and the the like.
    Have a great time.

  20. Your house is looking full of eastery gorgeousness!! We'll be making those cakes tommorrow too, love the idea of adding chicks and flowers!! I love London Zoo, one of my faves, we are off to Colchester zoo next week. Happy Easter x

  21. Ooh, such lovely Easter decorations and nests!

    Such sweet pictures of the meerkats. When I saw one in real life for the first time it was so much tinier than I had expected. I know what you mean about zoos - conservation work is great but I always feel a little uncomfortable.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Emma x

  22. How lovely! I'm trying today to add some easter 'oomph' to our lounge...all very last minute!Have a wonderful break.

  23. ooo your a busy hen you are !!!
    everything looks fab i love the fabric and easter decorations :-)
    have a lovely lovely holiday . Lx

  24. Love your new holiday skirts and your Easter spread looks fantastic - beautiful flowers. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday! G

  25. Oh my gosh!! Love the hearts, the hangers, your vintage purchases, and all the Easter decor and fixin's!!

    Happy Easter to you!

  26. Such beautiful colours in all your pictures... I think I might have to make some chocolate krispie nests now!


  27. What a lovely post and such gorgeous pictures - have a lovely holiday and make sure you take some piccies of you wearing your lovely creations! - Natalie x

  28. Have a lovely holiday Hen. Looking forward to the pics.

  29. That table is amazing !! Those yarns are so colorful !! And the tigers are ALWAYS my favorite !!

    PS ... did you find out if you can take the crochet hook on the plane ?

  30. Hi Hen
    I love the skirts that you have made, very much in the style that I wear! The design & colours of the fabric are really beautiful. Perfect for a caribbean holiday!
    I really like your vintage finds. The book cover is lovely & the glass sugar containers are very pretty.
    What a gorgeous stash of fabric and wool! What a shame if you can't take the crochet hook in the cabin..
    Have a really Great Easter and holiday.
    Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  31. What beautiful easter things!! Have a wonderful easter - and a fab holiday! Those fabrics are gorgeous!! :)

    Gemma x x

  32. Hello Hen!

    You are sunning yourself by now!

    How lovely!

    Hope you have a fab time!

    Lovely post as always, your homelife is a joy to observe....xx

  33. Loved this post Helen. Lots of gorgeousness and colour. Well done on your lovely sewing xx

  34. What a wonderful bonanza of a post to leave us with, I'll be returning to it every now and then to get a colour fix.
    Love those skirts, Ms Horner's fabrics are delicious aren't they.
    Snap on the chick decoration! They're great aren't they, I used them on my cup cakes.
    Have a WONDERFUL holiday. Will miss you, and look forward to your return.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  35. Regarding your question about crochet hooks on planes. I recently flew to Amsterdam and took my crochet with me. I had the hook itself in my handbag all the way through security and no-one stopped me (and incidentally none of the signs showed anything resembling hooks were prohibited. Knives yes, hooks no). I put my bag through and it wasn't detected. So I reckoned after that as I hadn't been stopped, I would jolly well use it, and I did! I rippled my way throughout the flight and wasn't stopped at the other end either. So I did it all again on the way home! I suspect if I had showed it to them they would confiscate it, but as I wasn't intending to gouge anyone's eyes out with my hook, fair play to me! Have a lovely holiday. Lucy x

  36. Oh how absolutely adorable, inspiring xxx

  37. I stumbled apon your blog and just had to leave a comment. Your Easter decorating is beyond fabulous! Karin

  38. Wow what a wonderful, colourful post! Love your pictures of the zoo. Your easter decorations are fab and the krispy cakes look delicious. Have a super holiday. Lucy xx

  39. Lovely Easter pictures, and I adore that old fashioned book cover too. I came via Pipany's blog. Best wishes.

  40. Hi there, I'm new to blogging and found you via Cowboys and Custard! I can see that we have one big thing in common .. CarltonWare!! Just love it and have been collecting for over 20 years. I have a shop in Totnes (see my blog and but only the Carltonware 'twicers' go there, all others are mine to keep at home :)

  41. What a bunch of eye candy! I love that fabric for skirts!

  42. Hen my sweet I can help...I was allowed to take my wooden crochet hook when I went to Venice...they thought it was a stick! unfortunately I was under the imression I couldnt take my scissors so went a whole week without while we were away.....but you have probably gone by now...have a lovely time the fabric looks lovely....

  43. Such pretty Spring colours Hen.. and chocolate is always an attractive colour!!!
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter hols.. it seems a very long time ago now..
    Fab vintage finds too... and skirts.. how I wish I could sew!

    Not long till the fair now.. look forward to seeing you soon.
    Michele x


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