Sunday, 25 January 2009

Crochet Corsages

Why spend £30 in Liberty when you can get two (and a bit!) for that price in my HenHouse shop where everything is lovingly and fussily made from the best materials!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Wonderful as always and such thrifty prices!

    I'm actually off to Liberty's on Thursday for a nose round.

    Victoria xx

  2. You have really inspired me to make more of my knitted flowers.

  3. Hi Hen.....quite right, your bag(KElly) was much admired on Saturday.....lovely craft(woman)ship!

  4. Thanks for your comment, the hats always sell well. I've been making them for about 14 years so most people I know have brought them for their children.
    Hope you do well with the flowers... so much cheaper then Liberty's, that's why I started making them. Once you start you can't stop, I see you have the same problem!!! I've only made 4 this weekend..... 1 for the swap, 2 for a pair of gloves I'm giving as a birthday gift & 1 for a member of staff... she works really hard so it was her treat... what a nice boss!!!... now I'm not sure the boys would agree!! x

  5. love, love, love how colorful everything is here!!!

  6. There are so beautiful Hen, i absolutely love mine and its so soft and you use the most gorgeous wool - i cant praise them enough :-)
    I took the bag shopping with me yesterday when i caught up with some fellow bloggers and they were so impressed :-)

    hope you are well

    Kel xxx

  7. Very pretty. I like the variety of wools that you use.


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